26 February 2021
POWERGOOD adds "Support" on the official website to provide you with the biggest support on the road to promotion!

  In order to allow customers to choose products more succinct, we have added a "support" column on the official website, you can find many resources you need in this place, so that you can more clearly understand POWERGOOD products, to provide you in the promotion of more support!


Now you can follow the path shown in the figure to find the file you need:

1. Product Literature: including product selection guide and product list.

2. Application Note: it can be divided into AC/DC and DC/DC. If customers want to know the product functions or how to use the product, they can get detailed information from the application note.

3. Marketing Manual: It is divided into railway, industrial automation, AC/DC, DC/DC, including quality assurance, product features, application product lines and detailed introduction of products.

4. Power Conversion Terminology

5. FAQ: PowerGood collects common questions from customers and provides appropriate answers.


  If you have any suggestion on our official website or manual, you are welcome to provide us. Your valuable comments are the driving force to support our progress. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!


Application Note


Marketing Manual