29 October 2021
New Products
New Launch SFBS Series – Full Brick DC to DC Converter

PowerGood as a professional power module manufacturer, we provide the stability DC-DC power module without any IC components and use our in-house technology to control power modules with more than 30 years’ experience. We use simple topology to achieve high-power conversion efficiency extremely. In raw material, we use MIL-STD inspection to make sure components with best quality when arrived in our warehouse. We provide best solution、high stability、high efficiency power module to different industries, PowerGood continuously move forward and improve due to product largely applied bring in different industries.


  •  Industry-Standard VICOR pinout
  •  Fixed switching frequency provides predictable EMI
  •  Metal Case Six-Sided Continuous Shield
  •  No minimum load requirement
  •  No life-span constrained Capacitor inside (MLCC)
  •  Remote sense for the output voltage
  •  Output voltage trim range of -10%, +10%
  •  Fully protected: OVP, OTP, OCP and UVLO


 SFBS Serie Data Sheet

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