Expert born for the power module- POWERGOOD POWERGOOD Tech. Research Co., Ltd.

Research and Design

POWERGOOD has a sophisticated R&D team, has patented topological circuit and has accumulated 30 years of rich experience in design and development. In addition to providing a complete product line of standard products to meet the needs of customers, we also works with end users to develop customized products, solve customers' demands, deepen the cooperation level and strengthen the long-term partnership.


POWERGOOD products come from a rigorous design process and stable process control. Each design must go through Engineering Verification Test (EVT), Design Verification Test (DVT), Production Verification Test (PVT), and designated departments to ensure the accuracy of the production process and commit to process optimization.
POWERGOOD has been fully introduced into lead-free manufacturing process, and independently developed Automatic Test System (ATS) and Manufacturing Execution System (MES), leading the industry. ATS system has consistent detection standard, can reduce man-made error, detection is fast and efficient, data files are easy to save; Each product of MES has bar-code to provide traceability for the product. MES system can save the data of the entire manufacturing process, which is conducive to improving the quality of statistical analysis, providing customers with the best quality guarantee and widely gaining the trust and support of customers.

Quality Control

POWERGOOD is certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and complies with the industry's major safety standards including UL, CE. For quality persistence and continuous improvement, POWERGOOD says, "There is no best, only better". At the same time, we are committed to environmental friendly issues, from the use of research and development design parts to green procurement, avoiding the use of environment-related materials, such as carbon footprint, water footprint or conflict metal, to process optimization, packaging material selection, providing a full range of green products to protect the environment.

Comprehensive Service

POWERGOOD regard ourselves as the manufacturing service industry, providing the shortest lead time, stable quality, reasonable price and efficient sales services, as well as FAE professional technical service consulting. We also cooperate to develop customer products and communicate with R&D team according to the needs of customers, and become the provider of power solutions for customers through cross-field technical cooperation.

Corporate Culture





Business Philosophy

Quality First: Always striving for better than the best.
Customer Satisfaction: Creating value beyond customer expectations.

Mission and Vision

Provide high quality and reliable power to meet the customer needs. Become the world's one-stop power brand manufacturers to build sustainable and efficient high-performance enterprises.

Corporate Responsibility

POWERGOOD is devoted to offer a safe and healthy working environment and reasonable salary and benefits under the international and government regulations. PG refuses forced labors, child labors, and illegal discrimination.

Sustainable Development

Due to pandemic and climate change, how to live with natural environment has become one of the important tasks. While pursuing higher revenue, corporates need to think about how to protect the earth at the same time and in turn reach sustainable development. United Nations has passed “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs) in the year 2015 and set up 17 subjects and goals closely related to the sustainable development.
POWERGOOD has adjusted its corporate goals and development orientation according to the ESG directives.

Future Prospect

POWERGOOD develops technology deeply. Our mission is to provide high-quality and reliable power products to obtain customer satisfaction. We persist in and continuously improve the quality, with the concept of “there is no the best, there is only better”, we create value beyond customer expectations with our professional capabilities, and actively build a sustainable and efficient happy enterprise as the goal.
Along the way, POWERGOOD can always lead customers to get the best solution, with the change of the technological environment, big data, artificial intelligence, the advent of the Internet of things, POWERGOOD will always be your best partner.