U3 Series - 3W SIP 7 semi-regulated Package

PowerGood Low power DC DC Converter:
Unicorn Series: 3W SIP 7 semi-regulated package DC DC Converter.

Unicorn Series DC DC Converter
*3KVdc isolation voltage 

*-40℃-85℃ Tc operation

*Embedded LC filter

*Capacitive load up to 2,200uF

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Unicorn series has 3W Isolated, regulated dc-dc converter. It features a high efficiency up to 82%, wide working temperature range -40~+85°C
without derating, 3kVDC isolation voltage,
continuous short circuit protection, etc. EN55022 Conducted Class B compliance can be reached
simply with an external cap. These DC-DC converter modules use advanced power processing,
control and packaging technologies and are suitable for all kinds of systems, such as CAN bus for
isolating data transfer lines in communication protocols or power device(IGBT、GaN) driving circuits.

PowerGood U3 spc