U6 Series - 6W SIP 8 semi-regulated Package

PowerGood Low power DC DC Converter.
Unicorn series: 6W isolated SIP 8 semi-regulated package DC DC Converter.

◆    4:1 Wide input range
◆    No minimum load required
◆    Efficiency up to 85% for 5Vout
◆    -40˚C to +65˚C operation without power derating
◆    No life-span constrained capacitor inside
◆    Continuous short circuit protection
◆    Input-to-output isolation 2kVDC (or 3kVDC optional)

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Unicorn series is 6W Isolated, SIP8, dc-dc converter without minimum load requirement. 
It features a high efficiency up to 85%, wide working temperature range -40~+100°C with derating, 2kVDC  isolation voltage, continuous short circuit protection, etc.


PowerGood U6 spc