SQBF Series - 1/4 Brick Full Size
SQBF Series - 1/4 Brick Full Size

SQBF Series - 1/4 Brick Full Size

*DOSA pin out
*Maximum power density ratio
*Ceramic Capacitor design
*Provides predictable EMI
*No minimum load requirement
  • Dosa pin out
  • Maximum power density ratio
  • With M3 thread (optional)
  • High Input Voltage
  • Fixed switching frequency provides predictable EMI
  • High efficiency up to 93%
  • No life-span constrained Capacitor inside
  • Isolation 2250V Input-to-output
  • No minimum load requirement
  • Fully protected: OVP, OTP, OCP and UVLO
  • Output voltage trim range of -10%, +10%
  • Remote sense for the output voltage
  • RoHS compliant


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 PowerGood SQBF Datasheet